Nugget Vegas Casino Arrives On Facebook

Roulette With Last Legion Games, Golden Nugget Vegas Casino has announced a joint venture, a game developer who provides independent technology solutions, including the AltEgo Platform.

The two companies’ partnership has allowed creating and releasing the first casino-branded social media game, now available on Facebook. Since 1977, Golden Nugget Vegas Casino has consecutively won the AAA Four Diamond Award and the Casino prides itself on being the resort offering the most luxurious experience on the famous Fremont Experience. The casino extends the options to their loyal following, with the introduction of their new Facebook social game.

Players are allowed to build their own casinos by the game and include table games such as Roulette, Video Poker and even Blackjack. The players can upgrade the style of their casino as they earn money maintaining their virtual establishment and growing their casino floor.

Once the players have created their casino, to start growing it immediately, they have the ability and they can purchase additional items for the casino with money won from the new game. Players can purchase new avatars for their virtual identities, although they cannot only improve their casino.

For Facebook users, social games are becoming a favorite pastime, with the concept of creating and managing a virtual establishment being extremely popular. A deep social gaming experience is offered to players, combining a pairing of the fun of table gaming with social gaming. To enjoy the experience of the tables, this also allows loyal fans of the Golden Nugget Vegas Casino even when they are not in Las Vegas.