Game Types at Pokerstars

You have the choice of several different games on this poker site. The most popular game is still No Limit Texas Holdem. Over the last year, games like Omaha have started to become more popular so you can see these tournaments starting more often now in the lobby.

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here are also tournaments for Razz, high/low split game variations, H.O.R.S.E. and more. You can also find most of these games being played in either a no limit, pot limit, or regular limit format. There is something for just about anyone who enjoys playing poker.

As time goes by Pokerstars always tries to stay ontop of what players want. As there is a demand for different game types and different tournament structures, Pokerstars seems happy to oblige.

They are the largest poker site out there, they ahve a good thing going and they don’t want to screw that up. That means that when  it comes to customer service, getting paid your money, cheating…basically all of the things that really matter to players… Pokerstars is dead serious about their business and this is why they are so successful.

You can get started by heading over to Pokerstars and downloading their software: Pokerstars. Come join the internet’s largest poker site.


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